3 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

Did you know that more than half of Google searches are done from a smartphone or tablet? That’s a big difference from less than 30% just one year ago.

1 - Google Loves Mobile Friendly Websites

It's true--Google loves mobile-friendly websites. They proved it in April of 2015 with one of their most significant updates yet. Nicknamed Mobilegeddon, it changed the playing field again. The point is, Google wants their search results to be as relevant as possible. If your site is hard for mobile users to navigate and find information, then you may not rank as high as your mobile-friendly competitors.

Does Your Website Pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test?

Find out by clicking the link below to use Google’s Free Mobile Friendly Test.


2 - A Better User Experience = A Higher Conversion Rate

One of the goals of converting website visitors into customers is getting them to stay longer on your website. Don’t miss out on customers, who will leave your website within 10 seconds if it was not built with mobile users in mind. With responsive design, your text, photos and videos look the way they’re supposed to, and your menu automatically becomes a drop-down for easy, breezy navigating.

Responsive Website Design

3 - A Responsive Website Saves Time and Money

Don’t complicate your life trying to manage two websites! Trying to keep a mobile site plus a desktop site in sync is difficult and costly. Investing in a responsive website actually saves you time and money. Build one site. Update one site. It’s that simple.